2021 Fall Fundraiser

September 19, 2017

The 2021 Fall Fundraiser begins on December 6th!



The Preferred method of donation is through Paypal. Paypal waives credit card fees for non-profits to help with fundraising when you donate using the Paypal Giving Fund. There is an option when you give with Paypal to give anonymously. Please note that if you choose to give anonymously, Paypal will send you electronic recognition for your donation, but we will be unable to send you a thank you note because it will remain anonymous even to our bookkeeper:


Contributions are welcomed via Postal Mail. Just write “Fall Fundraiser” in the memo:

Agora Christian Services, Inc.
400 W Broad St
Columbus, OH 43215

Contributors will receive tax receipt documentation soon after the turn of the new year.

Additionally, a donor can give using another option listed on our giving page. 

Your donation will go to support Agora in a time of need like no other. Agora serves the inner city neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio. We usually have kids church Wednesday and Saturday nights for the children here. The nature of busing kids around the city from different school districts for kids church at Agora caused us to shut down kids church. In the beginning there were concerns about spreading the virus, but we have not yet found a way to resume kids church without long-term volunteers. It takes a group of committed people to handle a facility full of kids of different ages twice a week. Our kids miss church. They call every week asking “when are we going to have Agora again?” Our international volunteers from Germany were ordered home by their government. Resuming kids church without them is currently impossible, as they are critically needed staff. We are doing our best to keep everything else going.

We have positive news from Germany. We will be receiving three German volunteers in the next few weeks. We are asking for prayers that they have no issues in crossing the border and get settled in nicely in the volunteer houses. 

We took the initiative while Agora Kids Church has been closed to work on the front of the building. Local volunteers from a local firm and Walnut Creek Mennonite Church have helped by sending some laborers to work with us on the front of the building. Their help was essential. We also put a new roof membrane with insulation that stopped leaks and will help with our energy bill.

The childcare center at Agora has remained open through the pandemic, and was open as an essential personnel childcare center for first responders during the lockdown. We never closed our doors. Our strict PPE and quarantine policies and procedures have been effective in stopping the spread of the disease within the center when staff members have tested positive. So far we have not closed our center because of staffing issues, but we have had close calls. 

We desperately need full-time volunteers. Without some kind of volunteer help we can not resume kids church. The three German volunteers will be essential, but we will need more help. 

Additionally, we need still need funding.

Our childcare is a five star Step Up To Quality childcare center accepting Title XX vouchers from the state for income eligible families. Without our childcare center our single parents would be unable to go to work and many other childcare centers have not reopened since the lockdown. Simply finding another provider is difficult if not impossible for families, when other Title XX centers are shutting down. The demand for child care is increasing as a result. 

Our prayer is that God moves in a powerful way to release us from the chains of the past two years so that we can get back to the way things have been for over 20 years. Loving children that are forgotten by society with the unconditional love of Christ has been hindered by the events of the year. Children are paying a price. 

Our world today is divided between two very different groups of people. Agora serves as a connection between them in the name of Christ, offering children a bright and hopeful path. Support Agora to ensure this timely and important work continues long after things resume so that we can show the world that Jesus is the answer to our problems.

If you have questions feel free to contact Rich: