May 24, 2016


If you are giving from Germany, please go to the page on our German site for more information -> Geben/Spenden

Agora Ministries is dependent upon the support of those the LORD prompts to give generously; those who believe in the work being done here. While the child care center, baked products, car donations, and construction projects generate some of our funds, they simply serve to defray the costs associated with the care of children and or of training young people that are presently without work ethic and marketable job skills. Lives are being changed, but there is a cost…. Each life changed is worth every dollar spent.

The work with our children is made possible through the support of community of care-givers. Every contribution is appreciated. Thank you for your interest, generosity, and partnership.

If a supporter is interested in donating to Agora they may do so in one of the four following ways:


Contributions are welcomed via Postal Mail:

Agora Christian Services, Inc. or Agora Christian Fellowship, Inc.
400 W Broad St
Columbus, OH 43215

Contributors will receive tax receipt documentation soon after the turn of the new year.


Agora also receives contributions through the Columbus Foundation. Many different types of donations (money, stocks, bonds, estate property, and real estate) can be received using our Columbus Foundation endowment fund. Anonymity is always respected and one can give anonymously to Agora simply by request. Contributors will receive a prompt acknowledgement and thank you from the Columbus Foundation that can be utilized for tax-deduction purposes. To learn more about Columbus Foundation go to [ External URL] To ask questions about donating stocks, bonds, estate property and real estate send an e-mail to To give money electronically to Agora using the Columbus Foundation one can either give to the ‘Agora Christian Services Endowment Fund’ or the ‘ACF Tuition Assistance Fund.’
To give to the ‘Agora Christian Services Endowment Fund’ follow the immediate steps below:

First go to this website: ACS Endowment Fund – External URL

Then, fill out the online form completely.

Be sure to consider anonymity (secret even from Agora).

Soon an acknowledgement and thank you will arrive in the mail for the donation.


Donors can also wire the money directly to either the Columbus Foundation or to us, depending on the level of anonymity that the donor wishes to maintain. For more information on exactly how to do this, click the ‘Contact’ link at the bottom of this page to use the online question form, and send us your request.


Finally, donors can give online using their credit cards or bank accounts with Paypal waives credit card fees for non-profits to help with fundraising when you donate using the Paypal Giving Fund:

Agora Christian Services, Inc. is a publicly funded nonprofit organization as described in sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) by the federal government.