July 5, 2016


Many different people come to Agora to serve. Servants choose from volunteering on a regular basis, with their church group, or by committing to an extended period of time as a full-time resident volunteer. On a regular basis, volunteers serve in our child care center, at Kids Church, in our kitchen, and to help with service projects in the warehouse. Church groups can either commit to helping on a regular basis with one of our Kids Church evenings, or come for a week of service starting on Wednesday and ending on Sunday.

Long-Term volunteers offer vital long-term relationship building efforts that result in changed lives. Without the service of Long-Term volunteers, our impact for good would indeed diminish. It takes people with a special commitment, sincere hearts, and out of this world—love, forgiveness, & patience—to serve the needs of the children here for extended periods of time. If you have interest in Long-Term Missions, contact us. We will answer any questions we can.


  1. Anyone Can Apply For Long-Term Service
    [Click for Application]
  2. What Can I Do?
    There are many things that Long-Term volunteers can do. Depending on the God-given gifts you have and the passion you have to use them, you may find yourself doing anything. Some of us work on a task basis, commiting ourselves to a set schedule. Some of us work on a project basis, working in teams to complete irregular tasks.
  3. When Can Our Group Come?
    Individuals need to inquire with a few possible dates in mind. It is well advised to stay away from holiday weekends.
  4. What can I expect for my group?
    Your group will be treated with care and unconditional love, just as youth here are treated. The staff will encourage each group member to participate in activities that will have personally enriching results.
  5. Group Activities

    • Work projects
    • “In the community” service activity
    • Participation in church ministries
      • Wednesday evening Kid’s Club
      • Saturday evening Kid’s Church
    • Fun learning activities about cross-cultural urban youth outreach.
    • Spiritual development sessions which challenge and yet respect each groups’ particular faith character. (Specific application of presentation is to be processed with the group’s attending leadership.)

Be prepared with personal references such as a pastor or community service organization supervisor we can telephone.


Agora is a wonderful place to volunteer, but for those of you that find yourselves wanting more than a temporary assignment consider making this your career.

We aren’t always accepting applications for new employees, so if you’re interested and there’s an opening, apply. You may not have another opportunity for a while.

We don’t pay like a fortune 500 company, but the reward comes from doing the work. It comes from knowing that you’re doing kingdom work.

We will try to post all job postings on our linked-in page. Thank you.